Congrats Almoya!

Almoya Clarke is the first recipient of our annual scholarship. Read the transcript from our interview with her below.

Why did I choose this program?

“I chose to study business because of my mom. She is self-employed. While growing up I watched her running her business and I decided I wanted to learn more formally about business administration.
I chose to focus on Accounting because of my high school Principle of Accounts teacher. She taught us the importance of accounting in a very practical way. Her class left a lasting impact on me. Therefore, focusing on accounting for my degree was an easy choice.”

How will this scholarship help you
achieve your educational/career goals?

“Coming from a single parent household, I understand how difficult it has been for my mom to support my academic goals financially.
This scholarship will help to ease that burden. The funds will go towards my tuition for the year and book purchases for the current semester. I’m very thankful to the Enid and Daphne Henry foundation for helping me to pursue my academic and career goals.”

Congrats Almoya, we know you’ll do yourself and your family proud!

Jefferson Daley

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